We recognise this service is considerably more expensive than seeing a counsellor or psychotherapist.

These professional services are priced to reflect that Dr Menzies and Dr Short

  •  have extensive expertise, skills and experience

  •  are medical doctors with the ability to diagnose and prescribe medication, as well as providing therapy, and

  • there are high costs of professional regulation and insurance for private doctors


​An initial appointment  costs £300


  • meeting lasting one hour

  • an additional 10 minutes’ reading time if you wish background information to be read before you are seen

  • a summary letter for you and your GP/referrer

  • any associated administration


Follow-up appointments cost £200


  • 45 minutes long

  • can include a letter for you and your GP/other professional

  • associated administration

  • may be possible over the telephone or using video-conferencing at times


Private prescriptions cost £50 each to write

  • Separate from any cost that may be charged by the pharmacy for the medication and dispensing

  • There is no cost if I recommend a medication and this is prescribed by your GP


funding with Health Insurance

Dr Menzies is registered providers with most major health insurance companies. Dr Short is in the process of registering but this has been delayed due to the pandemic.

Many insurers cover our fees and it is straightforward billing them directly. You just pay the excess. Unfortunately, certain insurance companies are not willing to pay our standard fees. Therefore we are currently accepting only a limited number of cases funded by these companies.


If these limited number of places are full and you still wish to use health insurance, we can discuss with you whether you wish to ask your insurer if they will cover our standard full cost or whether they will allow you to pay the difference (their standard contractual terms with us state that we are not allowed to charge you this difference). 


When using health insurance, please obtain a pre-authorisation number from your insurer (usually given after a brief phone call) and then an initial appointment can be confirmed. We will invoice your insurer directly and you will only need to pay your excess to us.


We kindly request that you sign up to Go Cardless, a direct debit scheme, so we can take payment for this excess efficiently.


After the initial assessment we will usually advise treatment with ourselves or may refer you to a colleague; the insurer will need to agree funding for this.