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what we do

We hope to provide an assessment and effective intervention before problems become entrenched and severe.

We see children and young people with a broad range of difficulties. They may be panicky, depressed, obsessional, self-harming, suicidal, angry, confused, unable to concentrate or have eating disorders - but every person is different and each context unique. 


It is often helpful to work with the young person, with parents, and at times with the family all together in order to make changes; there is no magic wand.

We do not provide an emergency or 24 hour service. Although not part of a multidisciplinary team, we can work alongside other professionals when this is needed. Particularly risky or complex presentations may be better suited to  a larger team, such as CAMHS (the local NHS service).

Given the ongoing high demand, we are often at capacity. Regretfully, we cannot always accept new referrals or see new patients as quickly as we would like.

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