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 Jo rowbotham

Jo joined the team in 2022. She can provide general assessments and psychological intervention for families and young people. Jo recently trained in EMDR for older adolescents/young adults who have experienced trauma, and is very skilled in working with families. 


Sessions with Jo are charged differently to the psychiatrists and unfortunately she cannot be paid using health insurance at this point, so do check our current Terms & Conditions.


Jo can see some young people from the first appointment,involving a psychiatrist directly if needed later on during treatment. This is dependent on our screening of the situation at the referral stage.

Hi, I'm Jo.

I am a Senior Mental Health Practitioner and registered Occupational Therapist (OT). For 10 years, I worked in a CAMHS team in Devon, seeing all sorts of young people, families and younger children and providing therapeutic interventions. I believe that working together with a young person and their family to gain greater self-knowledge and developing a positive self-identity are key components to good mental health and wellbeing.

Having recently joined this small, very experienced and friendly team,  I am really enjoying working with families and young people, seeing them together and separately as needed. I don't prescribe medication but work alongside our doctors using a range of therapies as well as monitoring risk and medication. I am particularly interested in working with young people and their families. 

My work is informed by experience of using a wide range of psychological therapies and modalities, including family/systemic work, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based interventions, mindfulness and creative therapies. I have over 20 years of experience, prior to this working in CAMHS, with adults with mental health and physical health problems in the NHS. My initial training is as an Occupational Therapist  and I am registered and regulated with the HCPP. 

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