why see a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialise in treating mental illness and emotional distress using medication and talking therapies.


Examples of questions I can help with:

Would medication help me?

Do I have a mental illness?

Are these mood swings normal?

How can I stop self-harming?

Is my child on the autistic spectrum?

How can I help my depressed son?

Do you know someone who needs help?

Seeing someone you care about struggling with their mental health and not knowing how best to support them is very difficult. Sometimes they don't recognise the problem and don't want help. They may be scared. You can help by listening, encouraging them to see a professional and helping them get to the appointment.

it's a hard time to be young

Anxiety, depression, self harm, low self-esteem and  eating disorders are increasing in young people.

Pressure to look perfect, perform academically and prove your popularity can be crushing. Cheap drugs are easy to obtain.

Despite incredible technology and ways of keeping in touch, loneliness is common and a huge risk factor for mental illness and early death - even bigger than obesity.

Suicide remains the biggest killer of young men.