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why see a Mental health practitioner?

Jo is our Mental Health Practitioner, who offers psychological interventions. Her background is as an Occupational Therapist followed by working in NHS mental health teams with adults, young people, children and families. She is highly skilled at working with families, and has extra training in treatment for trauma, using EMDR.

Jo can offer support and guidance regularly and is experienced in interventions to reduce psychological distress, manage risk and improve relationships and functioning. She communicates clearly, is compassionate and has a thoughtful, gentle approach. She is able to lead treatment yet always liaises with one of our psychiatrists so that there is multi-disciplinary understanding and input when required.

Sessions with Jo are charged differently to the psychiatrists and unfortunately she cannot be paid using health insurance at this point, so do check our current Terms & Conditions. Jo can see some young people from the first appointment,involving a psychiatrist directly if needed later on during treatment, depending on our screening of the situation.


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