therapy & Counselling

Therapy may be through play and drawing with an  individual  child, exploring feelings and wishes that can't always be put into words. It may be with a child and parent together or with other  family  members. The family dynamics and systems the child is part of, such as school, are considered.


 Working with parents  without the child present can also be very productive, giving the parents space to think reflect upon the situation, consider the influence of their own experiences and background on their parenting and recognise their sensitivities.

Psychotherapy - I am skilled in play-based, psycho-dynamic, cognitive behavioural (CBT) and systemic therapies. I often incorporate mindfulness-based interventions for self-calming and regulating emotions and I support developing mindfulness as a life skill. Whatever type of therapy is used it is crucial that there is trust and engagement with my client(s) so they feel safe to explore their feelings and are able to consider other perspectives.


Treatment for children and young people is mainly psychological intervention, with medication being used occasionally. As a psychiatrist, I have a wide range of treatments to choose from, including CBT, family therapy, liaising with school and prescribing medication.


Medication may be used in the treatment of children and young people with ADHD, OCD, severe anxiety and mood disorders, when symptoms are sufficiently severe and have not responded to psychological therapy. Medication is given in the context of treating the whole person holistically. It is regularly reviewed and only continued if beneficial.