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caroline wright

Caroline joined the team in 2024. She is a mental health and paediatric nurse who has also trained as a nurse prescriber. This means that in addition to our doctors, she is able to prescribe medication within her areas of expertise, when needed.

Caroline has unique experience, having worked in CAMHS, family therapy teams, neurodevelopmental services, neurology and specialist sleep clinics.

She is a compassionate, approachable practitioner who communicates clearly, is thorough and thoughtful. Caroline continues to work in the NHS and is also interested in alternative treatments such as kinesthesiology.


Caroline has plenty of experience in diagnostic assessments, especially experienced in treating ADHD. She will start with a general assessment of mental health and current issues, considering these specific assessments in the context of the whole situation.

If sleep is a particular problem, Caroline is the ideal member of the team to explore this in detail, offering great expertise in this field.

Clinic room

photo of Caroline coming soon

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