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The Royal College of Psychiatrists have lots of information about mental health difficulties and treatment:

Young Minds offer sensible, accessible advice:


Psychology Tools has some excellent free self help resources, for example about anxiety, grief and trauma as well as printable CBT worksheets. 


Topic guides from the Association for Child Mental Health:

For information about common childhood issues and challenges:

Happy Girls
Orange Blossom


For autistic spectrum:

For  eating disorders:

For anxiety:

some suggested books

General parenting and child development:



The Book You Wish Your Parents had Read (and your children will be glad that you did) by Philippa Perry 

Blueprint: How our childhood makes us who we are by Rachel Maddox

Untangled. Guiding girls through the transition to adulthood. By Lisa Damour

Get Out of My Life...but first take me and Alex into town. Fun guide to parenting teenagers by Tony Wolf and Suzanne Franks

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind is a 2011 book by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

Reading Well Books on Prescription:

Find helpful books in your local library. Approved by professionals and people with mental health needs. Lists for adults and young people (list known as Shelf Help

For younger children:

The 'What to Do When' series are American, fun,  self help guides for a child or a child and parent to do together, using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ideas. Many by Dawn Huebner including on worries, grumbles (negativity), habits, OCD and anger.

OCD self help:

Breaking Free from OCD by Jo Derisley et al

Self help guide for young people and their families

Happy Children

Other Resources 

CDs to help primary school aged children relax and sleep by Christianne Kerr, Calm for Kids

  • Enchanted Meditations

  • Bedtime Meditations for Kids

Insight Timer is a fantastic online resource/App with lots of free guided meditations short courses to be purchased. 

On there are plenty of useful articles, including this one on mindful parenting


Take a look at their great animations. Mindful meditations for adults and kids to help with stress reduction, happiness and sleep. Free trial. 


Another good App/website for breathing exercises, calming sounds and meditations 

Stop, Breathe and Think

A child-friendly, free app to check in with feelings and guide people through meditations for mindfulness & compassion.

Support groups for carers

This link is to groups around Bristol - the MIND site has groups in other areas too and lots of advice.

Also take a look at Rethink Mental Illness.

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