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Covid 19 response: We are seeing families online and in person but are

Heading 6
self funding

We are able to provide a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced CAMHS-focused professionals who can integrate psychological & pharmacological treatments and are used to holding high levels of complexity and risk. Unfortunately, medical doctors working outside of the NHS have extremely high running costs due to their professional regulation & governance (including revalidation, extensive indemnity & Care Quality Commission inspections).

​The initial appointment 

  • meeting lasting 1 to 1.5 hours

  • additional time for reading background information before you are seen

  • a summary letter for you and your GP/referrer

  • (includes a team discussion, which forms part of how our service works, unless there are specific issues around confidentiality)


£390 with Dr Menzies or Dr Short

£210 with Jo Rowbotham

£285 with Caroline Wright


Follow-up appointments

  • 45 -60 minutes long (family therapy usually 60mins)

  • can include a letter for you and your GP/other professional

  • may be possible over the telephone or using video-conferencing 


£240 with Dr Menzies or Dr Short

£120 with Jo Rowbotham

£180 with Caroline Wright

Caroline Wright also offers specialist sleep assessments (with a different fee structure)

Joint appointments, with more than one member of the team attending,  are sometimes necessary based on our professional judgement. Where this happens we will charge 80% of the cost of each practitioner.

Private prescriptions cost £60 each to write

  • Separate from any cost that may be charged by the pharmacy for the medication and dispensing

  • There is no cost if we recommend a medication and this is prescribed by your GP

Extra costs are sometimes applicable, such as email advice and phone calls or extra reports, detailed in our T & Cs


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