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AREAS OF expertise and interest

My clinical interests are broad and include depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Conditions, personality development and attachment trauma.

I am positive about the use of mindfulness for self-soothing and regulating emotions and hope one day mindfulness will be regarded as an essential life skill, taught in all schools from infants upwards. I use mindfulness-based interventions, teaching skills and encouraging further exploration of mindfulness when I think it will be beneficial.

Although we tend to think of an individual having a difficulty, I believe we are hugely affected by those around us including past generations of our family. For example, bereavements and struggles in one generation inform their approach to the next generation. Therapy to prevent transmission of trauma across generations can free people from repeating unwanted patterns of behaviour.

Psychotherapy is a passion and skill of mine. Through talking, playing, observation and adapting to the clients’ needs I integrate skills from insight-oriented psychotherapy, systemic family therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy. As well as talking, there are many ways of communicating; creative activities such as painting, model-making, collage and music can allow us to step beyond our logical, thinking self into thoughts and feelings that are outside of our awareness, part of our inner world. Becoming aware of these feelings can help us understand ourselves and make changes.

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