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"My daughter's anxiety is so much better now. She has really blossomed since seeing you."


  ABOUT me

Dr Pia Menzies is an experienced and approachable Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.


She works with children, young people and their families to understand their distress and find effective treatments and acceptable solutions. Her expertise is in integrating psychotherapy with medical treatment such as medication.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach; she will tailor her approach to each client, aware that therapy requires engagement and motivation. 

Dr Menzies has had over 20 experience as a  doctor in the NHS, working as  a Consultant Psychiatrist in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Health Services) for many years.


In 2018 Dr Menzies set up this private practice in Bristol, with administrative support from Lesley Gully, details of which are on this site. She also tutors medical students at the University of Bristol on communication and consultation skills and works in the Bridge Foundation for Psychotherapy in Bristol.


We provide an alternative to NHS services, funded by individuals or families, some health insurance companies, legal or statutory services.

We regret we are unable to provide free services.

Updated July 12 2019

sorry the service is currently Full & unable to accept new patients

Timely intervention

Whatever the emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulty, I aim to provide a timely assessment and effective intervention before problems become entrenched and severe. Unfortunately demand for help is often high and at times I cannot accept more patients.

Children and young people who are anxious, panicky, depressed, obsessional, self-harming, suicidal or have eating disorders are very familiar to me - but every person is different and each context unique.  It is often helpful to work with the young person, with parents, and at times with the family all together in order to make changes; there is no magic wand.

As a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, I am used to working with risky situations such as self-harm and intentional weight loss and will happily work alongside other agencies and professionals. However, I do not provide an emergency or 24 hour service and am not part of a multidisciplinary team.

Given the current high demand, I am sometimes at capacity and regretfully cannot always accept new referrals.


Get in touch

When you make an inquiry, we will take some basic details about the issue, who you are and tell you about our fees and availability. If you wish to go ahead we will ask you to complete a self-referral form, or we can accept a referral from your GP or another professional involved. A referral is not necessary but background information is often helpful.

We know that by the time you make contact you will be feeling worried. We will book an initial appointment in as soon as possible into a clinic in Bristol, usually at Helios Medical Centre. How quickly this can be does vary, depending on recent demand and capacity, but hope it will not be more than a few weeks at most. At times we do need to close to new referrals.

An initial appointment lasts 1 hour. It is up to you who attends first, e.g. parents to give background, a parent and child or young person alone. Usually a series of appointments are needed for a full picture to emerge. Follow-up appointments are for 45 minutes. If I think you would benefit more from a treatment I cannot provide I can put you in touch with other skilled professionals.

tel:01454 854492
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Please note i do not provide An emergency service

If you need help outside usual working hours, contact your GP. Or try the following helplines for advice and support -

Samaritans, ChildLine, Family Lives (previously  known as ParentLine).

24 hour confidental text service  Shout:  text  85258


For safeguarding/child protection concerns contact Children's Services through First Response Bristol on 0117 903 6444


If you are/someone is at serious risk of harm to themselves or others, please contact the police or go to your local A & E where there will be an out-of-hours mental health team/psychiatrist contactable.



All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence. However, due to the insecure nature of the internet, we recommend that you do not include confidential and personal health information on this form.

Call Administrator  LESLEY GULLY

on 01454 854492 or send us a message using the form above

Most appointments take place at Helios Medical Centre, Bristol, BS9 1JN

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