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Dr Pia Menzies & Associatespsychiatry & psychotherapy
soon to be renamed Woven Minds - young people's mental health

Our clinic and correspondence address is now
Oakside house, Oakfield Road, Bristol, BS8 2AT


"My daughter's anxiety is so much better now. She has really blossomed since seeing you."

We embrace the uniqueness of all our clients and are neuro-affirming.

We are a small, private, highly experienced & approachable mental health service in Bristol. 


We offer children, young people and families an integrated experience of assessment and treatment using our medical and psychological skills.

We are independent of the NHS, usually funded by families or health insurance companies 

We cannot provide emergency or 24 hour service

Meet the Team


Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist


Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Service Lead




Senior Mental Health Practitioner 


photo coming soon

Nurse Prescriber


Good in all areas

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What to expect 

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What we do

Why see a psychiatrist?

Clinical services

Why see a mental health practitioner?

In an emergency...

 contact us
Contact us

We usually see clients at Oakside House in Clifton, Bristol

Or call Administrator  LESLEY GULLY on 01454 854492 

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